24 juni 2015

Kaart 27

Elin heeft in prachtig Engels een kaart geschreven naar Cyndi in Canada. Cyndi vroeg o.a. om het woord 'peace' in de Nederlandse taal op de kaart te zetten:

"Hi Cyndi, I'm a Dutch eleven year old girl named Elin, who enjoys crafting (especially drawing) like you, reading and playing guitar and videogames. I live in the Dutch town Hoorn and I'm writing this postcard for my school in Blokker. The Dutch word for peache: vrede (the postcard says: '' congratulations", oh well...). My favorite song and book changes almost every day. I have some questions for you. First, do you have deviantart (a site where you can post photos of your art)? If you have, could you tell me your name on that? Second (third), how old are you? And last, do you have children? Greetings from the Netherlands and happy Postcrossing."

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